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10 Easy, Last Minute DIY Stocking Stuffer Tutorials from Functional Rustic

Need some quick, easy, last minute DIY gift ideas for the holiday season? Functional Rustic is here to help! Check out these 10 tutorials that are sure to make your handmade gifts the talk of the gift giving season.

  1. Christmas Tree Crayons

Repurpose those old broken crayons to create the perfect holiday gift for the kids this year. The tutorial uses Christmas tree designs, but you can use any shape you want!

2. 5 Minute Sugar Scrub

The simple sugar scrub is the perfect gift for any occasion. Easy, colorful and it smells good – what more could you ask for?

3. Sensory Bottle

A fun, easy craft made with items you probably already have at home. Great gift for someone of any age!

4. Easy Sun Catchers

Easy, colorful and lots of options for personalization. These sun catchers are sure to catch the attention of your friends and family.

5. T-Shirt Rope Toy

Your furbabies deserve handmade gifts too. This quick, easy craft is perfect for the animal lover in you life. 

6. Stress Balls

The perfect gift for anyone on your holiday gift list this year. Easy, fun and relieves stress – the perfect craft.

7. Canning Lid Bird Feeder

Easy craft that is perfect for the bird lover in your life. 

8. Stress Relief Dough

Relieve stress and moisturize your hands with this easy craft. Perfect gift for anyone on your gift list.

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9. Galaxy Rock Magnets

This craft is out of this world. East to create, looks great and perfect for anyone on your gift list.

10. Pop Can Wall Flower

After you finish your creation take a picture and share it with other DIY enthusiasts at DIY Projects of Facebook.

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Handmade Rustic Décor by Functional Rustic. FREE Shipping. Click Photo to start saving.

Handmade Rustic Décor by Functional Rustic. FREE Shipping. Click Photo to start saving.

Handmade Rustic Décor by Functional Rustic. FREE Shipping. Click Photo to start saving.

Written by Sarah Palmer – Owner, Functional Rustic

Be sure to follow the Functional Rustic Blog for daily inspirational quotations, latest  handmade projects, easy DIY tutorials and stories from the barn.

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How To Dye Egg Whites Tutorial from Functional Rustic

In honor of the recent midterm election, Veterans Day weekend and the 2nd Annual Veterans Day Craft & Vendor Show that Functional Rustic has the honor of participating in tomorrow – Functional Rustic’s DIY Tutorial for this week is How to Dye Egg Whites. Specifically – how to dye them patriotic colors!

Instead of breaking the bank trying to decorate for your holiday gathering – turn the yummy food you are serving into the decorations!

How to dye egg whites tutorial

How to Dye egg whites Tutorial from Functional Rustic.

How to Dye Egg Whites and Make Festive Deviled Eggs – DIY Tutorial from Functional Rustic

Step One:
Fill a pot about half way with water and bring it to a rolling boil (very bubbly). The water should be able to completely cover all the eggs you are going to boil.

NOTE: When you add the eggs later the water level will increase so make sure you leave room in the pot for the water level to boil and rise later.

Boil water
Add water to a pot and bring it to a rolling boil.

Step Two:
Once the water is boiling add your eggs and boil for 15 minutes (Chicken Egg) 30 minutes (Turkey and Muscovy Duck Egg).

Boil eggs
Once the water is boiling add your eggs.

The Muscovy Duck and Bronze Turkey Eggs are much larger and take longer to cook.

Below is an example of a rolling boil – very bubbly.

Boil Eggs 1
Below is an example of a rolling boil – very bubbly.

Step Three:
Once the eggs are boiled remove them from the water and put them in an ice bath. (An Ice Bath is just a bowl with ice and water in it. The idea is to cool the eggs immediately so they stop cooking. Running them under cold water works too.)

Ice bath
After the eggs cook, add them to an ice bath to cool.

The white-ish egg is from the Muscovy, brown egg is chicken and the speckled egg is from the turkey.

Valencia Merble the Dog is all too happy to help with this tutorial. She loves snacking on the ice cubes!

Step Four:
Once the eggs have chilled you need to remove the shell. I start by tapping the ends on the cutting board so they crack.

Hard Boiled Egg
Crack the bottom of the egg to help remove the shell.

Then, I roll the egg on its side on the counter/cutting board until the sides crack too.

Roll the egg
Roll the egg on the counter to further crack the shell to remove.

The shell easily peels off the chicken egg now. Duck and Turkey eggs – well, I have yet to find a way to get the shell off without removing a lot of the egg white. I use the same approach but it does not turn out as pretty.

Peel the egg
The shell is easily removed from the egg now.

Step Five:
Cut the egg lengthwise and remove the yolk (yellow stuff inside).

Cut the egg
Cut the egg lengthwise.

Set the yolks aside to make the filling later. Don’t be concerned if the yolk looks a little grey. It happens sometimes.

Remove yolk
Remove the yolk and set aside.

Step Six:
Fill a glass with about 1 cup of water and add 3 to 6 drops of food coloring to the water. I chose red and blue to honor the holiday weekend.

Put the egg whites into the colored water to soak for about 30 minutes.

Soak in food colorinng
Soak egg whites in colored water for 30 minutes.

Step Seven:
Mix the yellow egg yolks with miracle whip and yellow mustard. I don’t measure so I honestly cannot tell you how much I used of each. I just mix until it tastes the way I want.
This tutorial is more about teaching you how to make your eggs look festive and less about teaching your proper flavors.  You find different recipes Here . You find the flavors you like and Functional Rustic will teach you how to make it look festive!

Step Eight:
Once 30 minutes have passed on the egg whites soaking in the colored water – remove an egg to see if you like how the color looks. If you want it darker than soak it longer.
Remove the eggs from the colored water and pat the eggs dry with a paper towel.

Step Nine:
Add the yolk filling to the newly dyed egg whites. Fancy people, as I like to call them, put their filling into a plastic bag, cut the corner off, and then pipe the filling into the egg. I am not a fancy person, ha, so I use a spoon.

After my yolk filling is spooned into the egg white (now red and blue) I sprinkle Paprika on top for a little flavor and a bit more color. Smoked Paprika is also delicious (again, find the flavor that best suits you.)

Patriotic egg whites 1
Turn boring eggs into Patriotic Centerpieces.

Step Ten:
Take pictures of your creation and share it with Functional Rustic on Social Media. And of course – eat that festive décor knowing it was your DIY creation!

Written by Sarah Palmer – Owner, Functional Rustic

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Stress Relief Dough DIY Tutorial from Functional Rustic

In honor of Labor Day, Functional Rustic has a relaxing craft for you to try out this weekend. Got ten minutes, some flour, bath oil and hand lotion? Then I have the DIY craft for you! Stress Relief Dough by Functional Rustic.

Stress Relief Dough Title Page.jpg
Stress Relief Dough DIY Tutorial from Functional Rustic.

This has become my new favorite DIY project. It uses ingredients that I already have around the house so it is completely free. All you need is some baking flour, hand lotion and bath oil (Olive oil probably works too. Food coloring and glitter are optional but add some flare.)

The stress relief dough actually started as an attempt to make slime for my nephew. I scoured Pinterest for DIY slime tutorials but couldn’t find any that required ingredients I actually had. My DIY philosophy is not spending extra money to create a craft. Figure out a way to build it with what you have or don’t build it at all.

The slime project called for corn flour (which I don’t have), Elmer’s glue (I left the lid open and now it’s hard) and hair conditioner (which I also do not have right now). Off to a rocky start.

Determined to create something while also refusing to go to the store – I gathered ingredients that were similar in texture to those that were in the original tutorial.

Stress Relief Dough is what happened as a result.

Stress Relief Dough – DIY Tutorial by Functional Rustic

Ingredients: Flour, Hand Lotion, Bath Oil. Optional: Food Coloring & Glitter.

Time to complete: Ten Minutes

Step One:
Squirt a large handful of hand lotion into a bowl. If you are measuring it out – I’d say about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of hand lotion.

Add about 1/3 cup of lotion to a bowl.

Step Two:
Optional – If you want the dough to be colored add food coloring now. You don’t need a lot, just a couple drops.

Add food coloring to the lotion to add color to your dough.

CAUTION: Using a water based food coloring causes the dough to mold after a few weeks. I have not tried the gel based food coloring yet but I theorize it may be less likely to get moldy. I will update this post after I run some tests. Not adding any food coloring enabled the dough to last months though. The  only reason I do not have it today, is that I left it outside in the sun and it melted.

Step Three:
Add Flour. I was DIYing on the fly so I just took a couple handfuls of the flour and added it to the bowl. If you are measuring I recommend starting with 1 cup of flour and adding more as needed.

TIP: For a firmer dough use more flour.

Add approximately 1 cup of flour.

Step Four:
Mix. Using your hands mix/squish the hand lotion and flour together. As you mix the ingredients it will become more dough like. Knead the dough until the texture is similar to play dough.

Step Five:
Add bath oil. Using your thumb, make an indentation in the dough forming a small bowl and pour in some Bath Oil. If you are measuring I recommend using 1 teaspoon to start. I used Skin-So-Soft from Avon because it is what I had. The oil helps the dough feel less sticky and gives it a stretchy quality. Any moisturizing oil would work and possibly even cooking oil could be used.

Knead the oil into the dough.

Add some bath/baby oil.

Congratulations!!! You made Stress Relief Dough. No really, you’re done with the project now. Isn’t it fun to squeeze the dough? If you added food coloring you will notice that the more you knead the dough the more the dye is distributed.

Wait, what about the glitter?

Step Six:
Optional – add glitter to the dough. Just as you did when you added the bath oil, press your thumb into the dough and make a small bowl. Pour the glitter into the dough. If you are measuring I recommend 1 teaspoon to start.

Add glitter to your dough to make it sparkle.

Fold the dough into the glitter and then just keep squeezing and kneading until the glitter is distributed.

I know what you’re thinking….glitter is really messy and I don’t want to get it all over me. Much to my surprise though, the glitter stays in the dough. I’m guessing the oil is a big factor in that. Once the glitter is in the dough it stays there – no need to worry that you will end up wearing it.

Step Seven:
Take pictures and videos of your creation and share them on DIY Projects of Facebook.

This was the first tutorial I attempted to film and had to try it a few times before I was happy. I learned something new each time I tried it so I am including all of the videos here instead of just the “best.” ENOJOY!

Written by Sarah Palmer, Owner – Functional Rustic

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