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Functional Rustic is Running the Day

Functional Rustic Barn as the sun rises.


I’m running the day and knocking out tasks like crazy.

I. Love. It.

The 10 Inspirational Quotes blog was written and posted early today. Then I spent a few hours taking photos around the property, winterizing the barn and enjoying coffee by the wood burning stove with my husband and our dog.

Today I am working on some new pieces for upcoming craft shows and to sell at Countryside Craft & Antique Mall. They are not available in the Functional Rustic online store yet but you can find many of them in the Functional Rustic Etsy Store.

I encourage you to check out the Etsy store. I spent a considerable amount of time last week updating all of the products, photos and descriptions. When I first set up the Etsy store it took me over a week to take and edit photos, write out descriptions and all of the other steps involved in listing items for sale on Etsy. This time around I was able to make all the changes to the store in the course of one day. I am quite proud of myself.

The expert in anything was once a beginner..jpg
The expert in anything was once a beginner.

It has been year since I started Functional Rustic and the anniversary is providing me with the opportunity to reflect on how far I have come and how much I have learned. The Etsy store is a perfect example of this. The reason it went so quickly was because I was prepared. I have spent the year taking and editing product photos so when I had to do it last week it was second nature. I did not have to think about how to get the proper angles or correct lighting – because I practiced taking photos everyday for a year I now do it instinctively.

I do not consider myself an expert on building an online store – but I am knowledgeable. This time last year I was completely clueless. I had never used a hashtag #, never published a blog, never thought to sell something I created and never thought I would own my own business.

WordPress Stats 102318.JPG
Functional Rustic WordPress Website Statistics since August 2018.

I taught myself how to do all of this. Over 10,000 website visitors in the past three months and over 7 million monthly Pinterest views and over 1.6 K followers. (I promise to publish how I did it soon. I have over 50 photos that still need to be edited before I publish the final product. But please, feel free to ask any specific questions you have in the meantime.) I read articles & research papers, watched videos and listened to pod casts. I talked to other start up business owners, crafters and bloggers. I spent days viewing every TedTalk I could find on marketing, branding, and overcoming doubts.

Every single day I taught myself something new about how to start a business. ALSO – each week I taught myself a new DIY skill or project. The amount of knowledge and wisdom I have gained in the past year is astounding.

I really am in awe of what I have accomplished for myself this past year.

I want to see what happens if I dont give up

Like I said, I am getting a lot accomplished today. One of the more productive tasks I accomplished was making promo videos for my signs and chalkboards. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to properly demonstrate the size of my wooden signs and chalkboards. I am hopeful that the videos I took demonstrate it effectively.

I don’t know of any other signs that are thick enough to stand upright on a table. The thickness of the boards has always been the part of my signs that I find most unique. It’s hard to tell in the videos, but it was actually very windy. I’m shocked really, that none of them blew off the deck while I was filming. Ha.

Let me know what you think of the new products / videos below. I can use all the feedback I can get. Thanks in advance!

I’m off to create new projects….may your day be as inspiring as mine!

Written by Sarah Palmer – Owner, Functional Rustic


Wooden Thank You Card AQUA BLUE

Measures 3.5 in x 3.5 in x 5/8 in. The handmade Wooden Thank You Card by Functional Rustic is the unique thank you gift you didn’t know you were looking for until now. The Functional Rustic Wooden Thank You Card is small enough to fit in your pocket and durable enough to take with you wherever you go. PLUS, the Wooden Thank You Card is made from a salvaged wood shipping pallet and then hand painted with oil paints. Every single Wooden Thank You Card is unique making each card a truly one-of-a-kind expression of gratitude.


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Ducklings Are Missing – A Functional Rustic Barn Story

I’ve lost 3 out of 4 of my ducklings.

Goldie with 4 Ducklings
Goldie, Muscovy hen, with four ducklings.

A few weeks ago my Muscovy hen, Goldie, hatched out four adorable ducklings. Three yellow chicks and one brown. Goldie is a dedicated mama duck and has spent the past few weeks tentatively caring for her babies. They follow her everywhere. Such a privilege to watch her teach them how to eat, drink and be a duck.

Check out the videos below to see what I mean.


Like I said at the start of this post, I’ve lost 3 out of the 4 ducklings. By lost I do not mean they died (though they probably did); I mean that I do not know where they are.

Each morning, as the sun is rising, I head out to the barn to tend to the ducks. This routine involves opening all the doors to the barn and the doors to the stall that the ducks/ducklings stay the night in. Since their birth, each morning I open the stall Goldie and the ducklings are patiently waiting at the door. I slide the door open and they sprint to the mini pond at the back of the barn. The pitter patter of duckling feet across the floor in the morning is a divine way to start each day.

After the ducks are released I take my daily video of the sunrise over the back pastures and get started on cleaning the barn. I have 16 ducks. They are free range and can go wherever they want, but they choose to hang out in the barn. As a result of their spending all day in the barn they poop all over the barn. 16 ducks worth of poop. So, after the ducks are released from the stall I start hosing down the floors, refilling the pools and giving the ducks their food.

Well, earlier this week I opened the stall and Goldie and her 4 ducklings came running out. As I always do, I immediately filmed the sunrise and then returned to start my morning routine.

Uh oh….I only count three ducks. This happens sometimes. A duckling gets separated from the flock and cries out for mama and then Goldie tracks them down and brings them back. But I don’t hear any duckling chirps. I immediately start searching the barn. The ducklings are little so there are numerous places they could hide or get stuck. I searched them all. No duckling.

What happened to it? Where did it go? If an animal had come in I would have heard the ducks (I do have 16 after all) react in some way. I found no blood. I found no feathers. Goldie did not appear upset. What the duck?!

And then there were three.

The next few days are just like any other – I go to the barn, let the ducks out, clean everything and let them roam free. Goldie and the babies do not leave the barn. They can – but I have not seen them more than three feet away from the barn. I like that they do not wander. Hawks live in the yard and have been very visible lately. Staying near the barn will keep them safe from the flying predators.

The other night when I went to close the barn up I realized another ducklings was missing. There were three feather babies when I let them out in the morning, but as the sun is setting I only count two. Goldie is fiercely protecting the two ducklings she has. Very territorial when I come in to close the stall doors.

But where is her duckling? I search the barn again to see if the baby is stuck somewhere. I found a dead barn swallow and some huge spiders, but no duckling. What the duck?!

So, last night, I tucked Goldie and her two babies into the stall as I always do. This morning – only one duckling.

No blood. No feathers. No corpse. No indication that any predator was in the stall.

What is happening to my ducklings?

Goldie 1 duckling.JPG
Goldie, Muscovy hen, with her one remaining duckling.

What do you think happened to my feather babies?

Written by Sarah Palmer – Owner, Functional Rustic


Wooden Thank You Card ORANGE

Measures 3.5 in x 3.5 in x 5/8 in. The handmade Wooden Thank You Card by Functional Rustic is the unique thank you gift you didn’t know you were looking for until now. The Functional Rustic Wooden Thank You Card is small enough to fit in your pocket and durable enough to take with you wherever you go. PLUS, the Wooden Thank You Card is made from a salvaged wood shipping pallet and then hand painted with oil paints. Every single Wooden Thank You Card is unique making each card a truly one-of-a-kind expression of gratitude.





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A September Day at Functional Rustic

I don’t need a reason to go outside and appreciate nature but it sure is great when I can find one.

Every morning I take a video of the sunrise over the pasture behind my barn. (Follow Functional Rustic on Instagram & Facebook and you can see it too!) I love watching the Blue Heron stalk the shores of the wetlands and sparrows dive bombing the tall grass to eat bugs. During the spring thaw there is even a family of beavers that can be seen swimming around the now flooded part of the yard.

wetlands pasture.jpg

In the back drop of it all is a towering forest. My impulse is to write “towering trees” but when I look across the yard every morning I do not see trees – I simply see a forest. It is not until I venture beyond the wetlands into the woods that I truly appreciate the trees for the forest. There is a whole ecosystem on every tree, stump and twig. Life is everywhere.

back woods
This is from my first time ever going into the woods.
back pond
Got the Vibe stuck in the mud the first time I went back into the woods.

Part of the cycle of life in the forest is acorns dropping from the trees. I collect acorns and use them for crafts. Specifically I burn faces onto them. It was not until this spring that I got the idea to start collecting and crafting with acorns so the supply was minimal. But we’re heading into Autumn and the acorns are raining down. Literally, I get hit in the head with one.

wood burned acorns.jpg

I use the wood burner to burn faces onto the acorns. Well, I used to. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of wood burner. I bump into things a lot and working with/around a very hot and flammable tool is not relaxing for me. All I see are the ways I will hurt myself or burn down the barn. Also, it takes awhile to burn those little faces on and I, apparently, lack the patience. Fortunately for me my husband LOVES to wood burn stuff. So, these days, I gather up the acorns and he turns them into the art.

I like to include an acorn or some other small trinket with any online order. It’s little extras in life that make people smile and this is how I chose to do it. Plus, the acorns are perfect for my product photos. They’re cute and help demonstrate the size of my items.

Green 3 Tier
3 Tier Wooden Tea Light Holder.

On this particular day (September 12, 2018) I went back into the woods to see if the acorns had started to fall. They are most definitely falling. I was able to fill an entire coffee can in under an hour.

This post isn’t about acorns though. I am writing today so I can show off pictures of the cool plant and animal life I came across while I was gathering the acorns. This one of those days where the journey is more important than the destination. Also, it is a testament to the things you can see if you just take the time to look.

I really need to start learning about fungi because they are everywhere. I knew there were several species but I never thought there would be so many in one place. If you can identify any of the species of fungi or insect included in this post, please educate me.

This first mushroom is what inspired me to specifically look for interesting things growing in the woods. This is a stump along the path to woods. I stopped by it in order to set down my coffee and that is when I saw the beauty pictured below.


These white mushrooms pop out in the dark floor of the forest. I hope these are the mushrooms that turn into huge white balls. I will have to check back in a few days to find out.


The mushrooms below remind me of bagels or some other toasted bread. I wanted to get them from different angles to show how thick they are but apparently there is a hornets nest in the ground about a foot away and they had other plans for me.


The red mushrooms on the stick though, absolute favorite fungi of the day. I’ve never seen that before – fungi on a stick. It’s beautiful. A decomposing part of a branch is now the foundation upon which this fungus is building it’s life.


I almost didn’t see the amazing creature in this next picture.


I thought it was just a cob web or perhaps cocoon of some sort. It was not until I moved the stick to pick up an acorn that I realized someone was on the other side.


Absolutely stunning. Who knew I had such a beautiful neighbor?!


That little green guy with his pretty blue spots was my favorite picture of the day. Meeting that creature was not highlight of the day though. The following videos was not filmed in the woods but rather by the garage where I was dropping off my coffee can of acorns.

I reached down to pull open the garage and saw two worm like creatures fighting. Yes, fighting. I have never seen bugs or worms fight. It is absolutely amazing. I’m not certain what the species are but I’m guessing the big one is a millipede? You tell me and we’ll both know.

I am so glad I chose to search for my acorns today. If I had just been going for a walk in the woods instead of actively looking on the ground for a small acorn – I likely would not have noticed all of the life around me. Sure, I saw that white mushroom from across the forest, but not until I got close did I see the texture and beauty.

I don’t know why I’m so surprised by my magical day. There is always something new to see when appreciating the sights and sounds of Functional Rustic.

Written by Sarah Palmer – Owner, Functional Rustic

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