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Fork Bending DIY Tutorial from Functional Rustic

Ariel from the Little Mermaid was on to something when she started her collection of items in a cave under the sea. That’s a girl who sees potential in everything she finds. When Ariel saw a fork she thought it would be perfect for her flowing red hair. When I see a fork I see a treasure trove of opportunities to turn it into something both Functional and Rustic.

In this week’s Functional Rustic DIY Tutorial we are learning how to bend cutlery to repurpose for crafts.

I was going through the garage when I came across a box with a few odd pieces of cutlery. Obviously, I had to try to repurpose them for something other than eating.
I cleaned off a fork, grabbed some needle nose pliers and started playing around. What I ended up with was a forking awesome rustic business card holder.

The first attempt was successful and not very difficult so I felt confident that I could do a video tutorial for my readers on only my second try. The plan was for it to be one continuous video. Like most repurposing projects around here however, things turned out differently than planned.

That hole you see in the fork was made with a drill intended for metal. Easier to drill than I expected. Now I know how easy it would be to attach cutlery to a board if I wanted to use them as hooks. The possibilities are endless.

Watch the videos to learn how I created a Functional Rustic card holder/photo display out of a fork. Learn from my mistakes so when you repurpose your forks and spoons you will be prepared.

Well, that ended abruptly. Ha. As you may have noticed in the video, my business card holder is not quite functional yet. It is so non-functioning that it fell over onto the laptop and ended the video. The timing worked out well though because it gave me an opportunity to come up with a solution off camera. (Lot’s of swearing, ha.)

Seriously?! The camera cut out again? At least I was able to demonstrate how to make that final bend in the fork. Check out the final product in the final installment of the DIY Fork Bending Tutorial below.

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This particular tutorial could be both a “How To” and a “How Not To” tutorial. I thought about making another video where everything goes smoothly but, that wouldn’t be nearly as educational or amusing would it? (And the likelihood it would run smoothly the second time is probably low anyway, ha.) I want to teach you the basics and how to face obstacles you encounter. Repurposing projects are filled with things going wrong. Whether you are repurposing your life, your thoughts or an old piece of cutlery – things will fall apart and you will have to learn to pick up the pieces and start over.

I’m currently working on another cutlery project as a gift for my sister. She and her husband are skydivers so I am trying to make something skydive related for them. I call this stage of the project the “proof of concept” stage. Right now I have a general understanding of how I want it to look but, have not determined yet how to keep it together without duct tape. So far it is made of one spoon, two forks, duct tape and a pop can.

What do you think? Any suggestions on how to attach the spoons to the forks without duct tape? Better yet, any suggestions on how to secure it with duct tape and have it still look good? What would you be interested in seeing me try to create with cutlery?

Try bending forks and spoons for yourself and tell me how it worked out. I started DIY Projects of Facebook for the express purpose of providing a platform for you to show off things you create. Share you DIY stories, pictures and videos. Ask other DIY enthusiasts for advice on your DIY project.

As you may see in the above videos, I am a beginner too and can use as much guidance as I can get. Join the DIY Projects of Facebook Group and show us what you’ve made, tried to make or want to create.

Remember: All repurposing projects come with their own unique difficulties AND Do-It-Yourself does not have to mean doing it alone.

Written by Sarah Palmer, Owner – Functional Rustic

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