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It’s Awkward Talking About Myself

Originally Published March 3, 2018. Updated August 13, 2018.

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I have a great service to offer but because I feel awkward promoting myself no one knows about it.

I share daily inspirational quotations and DIY tutorials for a living. My audience is a no-brainer. Anyone who shares/reads quotes regularly and anyone interested in DIY. I have an easily defined audience. Finding people that share these interests is not actually that difficult online.

But, when I see someone who, for example, is posting a bunch of quotes and commenting “this is so me” or “this is exactly what I’m feeling right now” I want to tell them about the hundreds of quotes I have collected and shared.

It should be as simple as saying, “hey, if you like those quotes, you should check out Functional Rustic”. I feel bad about it though. Ugh, this is embarrassing to share. I feel like I’m taking advantage of someone by seeing them in distress and then promoting my business to them.

I realize the point of the website is to be a source of inspiration for people in that exact situation – but because I am trying to make money off Functional Rustic, it feels like my suggestion to visit the site is more advertising than support.

It reminds me of asking people to donate to a charity. I may believe in the cause but, I don’t want to ask my friends for money.

The thing of it is, the only way I make money is if someone buys something in my shop. Also, the main focus of Functional Rustic is to provide inspiration to as many people as possible.  Promoting Functional Rustic in anyway is helpful for both the public and me.

But Functional Rustic is me, and it’s awkward talking about myself.

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Written by Sarah Palmer – Owner, Functional Rustic

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