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Fake It Until You Make It Functional Rustic Approach

I am learning a lot of DIY lessons today – and I’m not thrilled about it. It is a creative day so I am coming up with new project ideas and trouble shooting problems on previous projects. So far, each project I have focused on has gotten worse. Ugh.

It started with pop cans. I have many ideas for crafts I can make out of  pop cans but today I was specifically trying to make a pumpkin. I still feel good about the concept however, executing it is proving harder than I’d like.


This is a very, very rough draft. The plan is three cans on the bottom, four in the middle and two one top. The idea is that once the cans are properly attached to each other and painted orange it will look like a pumpkin. The tops of the cans will be removed and then the back side becomes 9 little storage areas.

pop can no top.JPG

It keeps falling apart when I try to assemble it though. Gluing it is problematic because the points of contact for the cans is actually quite narrow. It is harder to glue round objects together than I anticipated. Ha. Needless to say, it is not going well and I am growing more and more frustrated – not deterred – just frustrated.

I will not let this hiccup sabotage the whole day. When I am frustrated with a project the most effective solution for me is to take a break. At first the break was just going for a walk and then returning to the project. When I returned though, I was having the same problems. (I can’t imagine why doing the exact thing I did before did not illicit a different result. Ha.)

Obviously taking a break did not fix my problem and I am still having difficulty focusing on the issue at hand. Trying to fix something while I’m already very irritated usually ends up in more things going wrong. So, instead of trying to problem solve when upset – I changed projects.


You may recall a recent post where I discussed repurposing a shutter I found. I love this project because it reminds me of all the Pinterest projects I looked at for years and convinced myself I did not have the talent to create.

The pictures do not show it very well, but the edges of the black chalk board and the white border are not straight. Personally I like the rough edges but, my husband pointed out, and I’m inclined to agree, people paying me money for it will expect straight lines.

So, after abandoning the pop can pumpkin project I turned to touching up the shutter chalk board. I used white paint to touch up the framing and put painters tape on the chalkboard part to protect it from drips.


Paint Peeling

After everything was dry and I removed the painters tape – the paint came off too. Uh Oh. This picture does not show it but, the paint is coming off in sheets. I now need to remove all the paint and start over.


This really is not that big of a problem. It is very fixable. Fixable problems are just new goals. The blow to my ego and motivation is because of the deadline I imposed on myself before I started. The plan was to do touch ups this morning and then head to Countryside Craft & Antique Mall so it can be sold. This is exactly the kind of eye catching item that will draw people in to the store display.

What I am inclined to do is curl up in a ball and throw an elaborate pity party in my mind. Just as I was preparing for my ‘party’ I remembered that I write a blog based on the premise of sharing my bad days and how I get through them in order to achieve my goal. A ‘pity party’ is not a solution.

You are going to want to give up. Don't.
You are going to want to give up. Don’t.

Fortunately for me I collect Quotes so I have a huge resource of positive words I can review to help me refocus my thoughts.


I’ve read my quotes and regained my motivation. I am ready to go! Took apart a shipping pallet, cut some boards and sanded them smooth. A true wood working day! Makes me feel very productive.

I enjoy building practical items like coat/towel racks and toilet paper holders. I like things to be functional. (shocking!) Creating something functional and pretty is the dream and provides a huge boost to my self confidence when I achieve it. With this in mind I am working on a coat rack today with the boards I prepped.


The boards are securely attached (I’ve had some problems with this recently so I am very pleased that I got it right the first time.). I even found cool items to repurpose as the hooks – wood post insulators for the electric fence. Very rustic. Very functional.

One might think that after reading my quotes and successfully attaching the boards that I would be feeling on top of the world. No. I am overwhelmed with doubt. I’m feeling unlucky today so I fear that when I go to paint this coat rack I will mess that project up too.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.
Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

That bring us to now. I was really hoping that writing this post would give me the boost of motivation I am looking for. It usually does. Normally when I write out my
‘problem’ I end up finding the solution.





It’s been about 20 minutes since I wrote what you see above. In that time I wandered around aimlessly and dwelled on how I am allowing fear to dictate my day. Woe is me.

Understand that the universe is giving you challenges to help you to become...
Understand that the universe is giving you challenges to help you to become the greatest version of yourself. 

Then I had a realization. “Understand that the universe is giving you challenges to help you to become the greatest version of yourself”. Although my goal for the day was to build something, the universe has a different goal. I am realizing that my purpose today is to share my struggle.

It has been awhile since I wrote about overcoming the emotional/psychological obstacles I encounter as I start my own business. I haven’t been sharing those stories because I have not been thinking about them. It’s not that I was staying positive but rather that I was in denial.

Instead of acknowledging the doubts, fears and failures I was experiencing I pretended I did not have them. I pushed through and just did my job. That approach is effective to a point. It is the ‘fake it til you make it’ approach. However, faking it is not facing it.

And that lesson is what the day is about. The obstacles that came up today are really small issues. These are not things that usually get in my way. To the contrary, I normally become more determined and inspired when things go ‘wrong’ in the creative process. The fact that I am having such a strong reaction to such a small trigger is what needs to be addressed. The universe provided me with situations today that reminded me where my focus needs to be.

You cant change what you refuse to confront
You can’t change what you refuse to confront.

Lesson of the Day: Faking it is not facing it.

Written by Sarah Palmer – Owner, Functional Rustic


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