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Troubleshooting the New Display Cart for Functional Rustic

Today is one of those work days that is both fun and frustrating. I am signing up for craft shows and am trying to work out how my new display cart will fit in the various sized booths at the different events.

Plan to use this bakery cart we got at a garage sale as the center piece for all my items at craft shows.

I just got the wagon and am so excited about it. Picked it up at a garage sale for only $75!! (Everything is better when it’s on sale.) Isn’t it pretty? Doesn’t it look both Functional AND Rustic? It is light weight and rolls very easily. I really could not think of a better craft show display for my items than a functioning bakery cart/wagon.

Adding to the excitement of the cart, I adore the people we bought it from. She is a teacher and he is a social worker. Just like me and Dave (I’m the social worker and my husband is the teacher)! What are the odds of that happening? AND…I recently lost a bunch of weight and needed new clothes on a budget – her clothes fit me perfectly! It is always an added treat when a purchase comes with a memorable story.

The cart barely fits into the bed of the truck but it does fit and it was not hard to get it up into the bed. Ratchet straps worked great to keep it secure and I will find a large tarp to protect it from the Michigan weather during transport. Unloading the cart is simple because of how light it is and the fact that it rolls. Mostly though, it will make transporting my items into the show so much easier. Everything about this cart is amazing.

(The fact that it rolls was very convenient today. Just as I finished taking the video and pictures it started to rain. With only one hand I was able to lift and push it into the garage in seconds and without anything falling off!)

Today was the first day I really took the time to play with the cart. This is the fun part. Most of my inventory is in store at Countryside Craft & Antique Mall but I do have enough currently on hand to see how items will fit on my new cart. Also, when I build my new items for the upcoming shows I can design them with the display cart in mind.

Front view of the new Functional Rustic display cart with my creations on it.

Setting everything up and admiring my handy work is a fun way to spend my morning. I often feel like I have not built enough or have not come up with a wide enough variety of items for Functional Rustic but, as I try to fit everything on the cart I am provided with tangible evidence of my hard work.

It is a very proud feeling. Most of the creations I built were done so as a way to cope with the stressors of life. These things only exist because I was feeling sad/angry/anxious and needed a way to cope with those feelings. These are the physical manifestations of my coping skills. I am literally displaying my fears and insecurities to the public in the hopes they will give me money so they can take them home with them.

I find it to be an interesting business model.

Side view of the Functional Rustic cart with my creations and a pallet storage shelf containing chalk boards.
Functional Rustic cart with my creations and a pallet storage shelf containing chalk boards.
Back view of the Functional Rustic cart with my creations and a pallet storage shelf containing chalk boards.

My new cart is 8 feet long and 3 feet wide. I have a craft show I am signing up for and the booth size is 10 feet wide and 7 feet deep. Most craft events I know about have booths of 10×10 so my initial plan for the display was for it be facing forward so all the items are visible and people can walk around the whole cart. Like I said though, 8 foot cart – 7 foot space.

I have been staring at the cart and rearranging items for the better part of an hour trying to come up with the best way to utilize my new cart space and properly display my creations. I am finding myself becoming frustrated and was hoping you could help me troubleshoot my project for the day.

I need to sign up for the show ASAP but have concerns that I may need to purchase two booths to accommodate my new cart. I really want to make the cart fit in one booth so as to keep my buy-in costs lower. The event will provide table and chairs to everyone but I don’t want to look like everyone else. In a show full of tables a cart will stand out and draw people in.

I welcome any feed back and advice you are willing to share. Once I am officially signed up for my events I will share the dates and locations so you can mark you calendars and come out and join me. And, obviously, if you want to buy anything you see in the video/pictures let me know. Everything is for sale and shipping is FREE!

Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me out. I started my own business & have no idea what I’m doing so I appreciate all the guidance I can get.

Written by Sarah Palmer – Owner, Functional Rustic

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11 thoughts on “Troubleshooting the New Display Cart for Functional Rustic

  1. It sure displays a lot of items at one time – great find! And karma that you should meet such a like couple.

  2. I like that it holds a lot but I just because it can does not mean that it should. Ha.

  3. I think the quote of the day to describe the cart would be “the more the merrier” … especially as Christmas Functional Rustic crafts take center stage.

  4. Ha….I love it. I too believe the more the merrier. I’m beginning to think a runner on each tier could provide me with the contrast I am looking for. Wood signs on top of a wood cart do not “pop” even if there are a lot of them.

  5. You could add some flair from the season if you have room, i.e. some of the pie pumpkins (as the large-sized ones would take up too much room), or some gourds placed around for harvest decor and that would take care of the color for now. Even a bouquet of sunflowers, though I’d go with a nice bunch from Michael’s which look will last longer and give some color to the cart as well.

  6. That is an excellent idea! You are amazing Linda. I will have to check but I think there is a theme for each event. I know the December one is for kids and I think November is for Veterans. If holiday decorations don’t seem appropriate I’m sure I can find something else similar. Thanks for a suggestion that isn’t expensive and does not involve any special building. Ha. I really enjoy designing and building new stuff, but buying/finding a pumpkin is soo much easier. Work smarter not harder right?

  7. Yes – good quotation there and very true. I think some harvest touches then Veterans touches would be easy to find … even Joann Fabrics, but Michael’s is great for small scarecrows. Scarecrows would look great on the side that you have facing the crowd and you could perch one on the wheel, well – strap it on there or stand him up. Michael’s has scarecrows that are the small size on a pedestal. And I’ll tell you what – those gourds and pumpkins can be bought in a resin or some other material that won’t rot in the heat. I wouldn’t do Halloween, just harvest decor – Fall is my favorite time of year. Veterans paraphernalia will be easy to find as well. Christmas … very easy. It will look festive and eye-catching!

  8. Sarah – I got an e-mail from Rick Uldricks at Patch today … couldn’t find your e-mail address in my comments so just did a “contact me” at your blog. I’ll forward the e-mail to you and you can sign up or I can forward them to you until you sign up there.

  9. Your scarecrow idea reminds me I have a friend with 100 acres of corn. It is about time for he and I to have a conversation about corn. Ha.

  10. Indian corn tied with raffia would be good for a harvest decoration too; corn on the cob with butter – yum!

  11. mmmmm…butter. 🙂

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