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A September Day at Functional Rustic

I don’t need a reason to go outside and appreciate nature but it sure is great when I can find one.

Every morning I take a video of the sunrise over the pasture behind my barn. (Follow Functional Rustic on Instagram & Facebook and you can see it too!) I love watching the Blue Heron stalk the shores of the wetlands and sparrows dive bombing the tall grass to eat bugs. During the spring thaw there is even a family of beavers that can be seen swimming around the now flooded part of the yard.

wetlands pasture.jpg

In the back drop of it all is a towering forest. My impulse is to write “towering trees” but when I look across the yard every morning I do not see trees – I simply see a forest. It is not until I venture beyond the wetlands into the woods that I truly appreciate the trees for the forest. There is a whole ecosystem on every tree, stump and twig. Life is everywhere.

back woods
This is from my first time ever going into the woods.
back pond
Got the Vibe stuck in the mud the first time I went back into the woods.

Part of the cycle of life in the forest is acorns dropping from the trees. I collect acorns and use them for crafts. Specifically I burn faces onto them. It was not until this spring that I got the idea to start collecting and crafting with acorns so the supply was minimal. But we’re heading into Autumn and the acorns are raining down. Literally, I get hit in the head with one.

wood burned acorns.jpg

I use the wood burner to burn faces onto the acorns. Well, I used to. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of wood burner. I bump into things a lot and working with/around a very hot and flammable tool is not relaxing for me. All I see are the ways I will hurt myself or burn down the barn. Also, it takes awhile to burn those little faces on and I, apparently, lack the patience. Fortunately for me my husband LOVES to wood burn stuff. So, these days, I gather up the acorns and he turns them into the art.

I like to include an acorn or some other small trinket with any online order. It’s little extras in life that make people smile and this is how I chose to do it. Plus, the acorns are perfect for my product photos. They’re cute and help demonstrate the size of my items.

Green 3 Tier
3 Tier Wooden Tea Light Holder.

On this particular day (September 12, 2018) I went back into the woods to see if the acorns had started to fall. They are most definitely falling. I was able to fill an entire coffee can in under an hour.

This post isn’t about acorns though. I am writing today so I can show off pictures of the cool plant and animal life I came across while I was gathering the acorns. This one of those days where the journey is more important than the destination. Also, it is a testament to the things you can see if you just take the time to look.

I really need to start learning about fungi because they are everywhere. I knew there were several species but I never thought there would be so many in one place. If you can identify any of the species of fungi or insect included in this post, please educate me.

This first mushroom is what inspired me to specifically look for interesting things growing in the woods. This is a stump along the path to woods. I stopped by it in order to set down my coffee and that is when I saw the beauty pictured below.


These white mushrooms pop out in the dark floor of the forest. I hope these are the mushrooms that turn into huge white balls. I will have to check back in a few days to find out.


The mushrooms below remind me of bagels or some other toasted bread. I wanted to get them from different angles to show how thick they are but apparently there is a hornets nest in the ground about a foot away and they had other plans for me.


The red mushrooms on the stick though, absolute favorite fungi of the day. I’ve never seen that before – fungi on a stick. It’s beautiful. A decomposing part of a branch is now the foundation upon which this fungus is building it’s life.


I almost didn’t see the amazing creature in this next picture.


I thought it was just a cob web or perhaps cocoon of some sort. It was not until I moved the stick to pick up an acorn that I realized someone was on the other side.


Absolutely stunning. Who knew I had such a beautiful neighbor?!


That little green guy with his pretty blue spots was my favorite picture of the day. Meeting that creature was not highlight of the day though. The following videos was not filmed in the woods but rather by the garage where I was dropping off my coffee can of acorns.

I reached down to pull open the garage and saw two worm like creatures fighting. Yes, fighting. I have never seen bugs or worms fight. It is absolutely amazing. I’m not certain what the species are but I’m guessing the big one is a millipede? You tell me and we’ll both know.

I am so glad I chose to search for my acorns today. If I had just been going for a walk in the woods instead of actively looking on the ground for a small acorn – I likely would not have noticed all of the life around me. Sure, I saw that white mushroom from across the forest, but not until I got close did I see the texture and beauty.

I don’t know why I’m so surprised by my magical day. There is always something new to see when appreciating the sights and sounds of Functional Rustic.

Written by Sarah Palmer – Owner, Functional Rustic

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2 thoughts on “A September Day at Functional Rustic

  1. WOW!!! The little green guy was definitely my favorite and the acorns!! Love them with their cute little faces!!!!!

    Your property is breathtaking — you deserve that immense beauty!!

  2. “you deserve that immense beauty” awwww….Thank You. I do not always agree with that sentiment, but boy do I try every day to earn the privilege of calling this home. A huge part of why I share the pictures and stories of the nature around me is that I believe everyone deserves to appreciate it. I will not be allowing the public to come over – but it would be selfish of me not to share what I can, how I can with the world.

    I continue to look for the little green guy but to no avail. Looks like something from a fantasy novel. So cool.

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