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How To Change A Drill Bit DIY Video Tutorial from Functional Rustic

It has been less than a year since I began my DIY journey and I have learned a great deal along the way. It is hard enough finding the inspiration and courage to begin a project, but the added stress of learning how to use the power tools can turn away even the most determined DIYer.

How to Change a Drill Bit.jpg
How to Change a Drill Bit DIY Tutorial from Functional Rustic.

You do not need any special training or experience to start your first DIY project. However, it is very helpful to know the basics regarding the tools you will be using. Functional Rustic is here to help!

I was embarrassed to ask someone to teach me how to change a drill bit. Technically I knew how to do it, but it took me forever each time I tried. I’m starting a wood working business and struggling to use a drill does not provide confidence. Fortunately my husband saw my struggle and realized I was never going to ask for help so he taught me a better way.

Learn from my struggles and approach your next project with confidence.

In this week’s DIY Video Tutorial from Functional Rustic I will teach you how to change a drill bit.

Let me know in the comments below if you found this Tutorial helpful. Be sure to share your next DIY project with other DIY enthusiasts at DIY Projects of Facebook.

Written by Sarah Palmer – Owner, Functional Rustic

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17 thoughts on “How To Change A Drill Bit DIY Video Tutorial from Functional Rustic

  1. I found some ideas for your business but don’t know how to get the photos to you. Thoughts??, How???

  2. would be the email to send it to but if you have a Facebook account you can post any pictures you want to . I look forward to seeing your ideas!

  3. Did you send me pictures? I received several almost immediately after I posted the contact info but there were no identifying markers to show who sent it. The display pics that were sent to me were helpful, thanks if that was you. 🙂

  4. Hope some of them are useable!!!
    I love love love your cart too!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. It was me!! So glad you got the 2 photos I sent!!!😉

  6. Thank you. <3

  7. Thanks. The cart was a huge boost to my confidence. A good display is important. Feeling a bit bummed because a veterans event I am doing in November does not have a large enough entryway for me to use my new cart.

  8. That makes me sad 😔 too!!
    Sorry for that friend.

  9. Not sure if my response recorded so I’ll try it again

    Umm 😐— that makes me 😔 too!!! I’m very SORRY friend!
    You will make it good though and the people will enjoy your offerings!

  10. Aww thanks. I’m me so I am not too worried about standing out in the crowd with just a table. Ha. In a way it kind of helps because I have more options for larger items. When I had to display them on the cart I was limited in what I could build/sell. Supportive words like yours are immensely helpful too. I’m a one woman show over here and it is easy to let my fears dictate my actions when mine is the only voice. Thank you msluckyducky!

  11. Wish I lived closer Sarah!! You would be so fun to hang with.

  12. I know I love hanging with me…probably would be fun for others too as well. Ha. We could get into some real mischief together. You could help me figure out how to teach Prodigy (one of the young ducks) how to do tricks.

  13. That’s sounds like a blast!!
    Send a photo of her!!!

  14. Prodigy is The Duckling in all the pictures on the Duck page. He is the one on my leg in pink pants, on my tummy and in the Mt Dew box. He’s a big boy now – bright white!

  15. I’ll go have a look see at your sweet boy!!

    Did you read my comments about Lucy the blind albino calf we had when I was a kid?

  16. I did….I never knew cows could get skin cancer. I’m still looking forward to pictures if you find any. btw, my post today has pictures and videos of Prodigy. He was only a few day old at the time and super cute. Ha.

  17. I found some cow videos and thought of you!

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