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I’m Devastated

Gladys and Sarah
Sarah Palmer and Gladys the Bronze Turkey of Functional Rustic.


Gladys, the Bronze Turkey of Functional Rustic and my closest friend, was killed by a coyote this weekend.

I am devastated.

14 thoughts on “I’m Devastated

  1. I’m so so sorry. They are all the place here and animals go missing all the time. I wish that I could make your heart feel better darling. Just know that your little sweet turkey have one fantastic life with you and received more love than most critters ever will. Big hugs to you darling.

  2. Thank you Jo. <3

  3. Of course love

  4. I am so sorry to hear this Sarah – you and I just discussed Gladys when you snapped this above selfie of the two of you recently. I’m so glad you got this picture to keep the sweet memory of her alive. We are having more and more coyotes show up and this is in the city for goodness sake. I follow a crime site on Facebook which features everything that is amiss in the neighborhood, not just crime. Someone posted a photo of a coyote not a mile from my house, walking along the railroad track as it headed likely for no good. Hugs to you as you adjust to life without your sweet pal and the subject of many of the posts I’ve seen since following you.

  5. I’m sorry you lost a good friend Sarah! Coyotes are very clever,so are wolves! We have the highest population of Cougars in the world here on Vancouver island but I yet to see a single one! There are a ambush predator.

  6. Oh my goodness, how can it be? I’m so very sorry Sarah!
    My heart is broken for you and Gladys.

    Linda is right— I’m glad you have that fabulous photo of the two of you together.

    I’m so sorry Sarah!!!
    I’m so very sorry.

  7. Thank you Linda.

  8. Thank you for your condolences Tofino Photography. The neighbor set up a trail cam in our yard last year and the pictures show what appears to be a coywolf – part coyote, part wolf. Scary.

    Do you have a lot of new construction in Vancouver? We are seeing more of the predators as we clear cut forests for condos.

  9. Than you Jenifer. I actually did a whole photo shoot with her and have a blog I started about her over a month ago filled with the pictures. Now it will be more of a eulogy. 🙁

  10. all cities are ever expanding.Van is expanding.More people being born every day calls for a ever increasing need for houses!

  11. You’re welcome Sarah … it is sad to a pet, I know as I’ve had that heartache as well. And you were looking forward to the start of your business and this is weighing heavy on your heart.

  12. Yeah….it’s a rough week emotionally. The anniversary of my brother’s suicide is Sept. 13. Hard to get much of anything done these days.

  13. I’m sorry to hear that as well Sarah. And the opening of Functional Rustic is also emotionally draining – in a different sort of way, but the apprehensions, etc. You are in my thoughts as you weather this week.

  14. Dear Gladys!! I’m so sorry Sarah. When your ready to share I’ll look forward to honoring her sweet life.

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