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Sensory Bottle Tutorial from Functional Rustic

Originally published April 27, 2018. Updated August 10, 2018.

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Sensory Bottle DIY Tutorial from Functional Rustic.

Quick. Easy. Cheap. Fun. That is the theme for this week’s Tutorial from Functional Rustic. We are learning how to make sensory bottles out of water, oil, food coloring and a plastic bottle.

My Muscovy Hen is hatching ducklings today so I wanted a quick easy craft I could teach and then get back to my feather babies. This craft is great because it is quick, easy and uses common supplies so I do not need look hard for the ingredients.

The sensory bottle is a great craft for people of all ages to enjoy. Follow the steps below, watch the video and then share you creations at DIY Project of Facebook so others can appreciate them too.

Sensory Bottle Tutorial by Functional Rustic

Materials: Water, Cooking Oil or Bath Oil, Plastic Bottle, Food Coloring, Glitter, Hot Glue

Step One: Find an empty plastic bottle with a twist on lid and rinse it out with water.

Step Two: Remove any labels on the bottle.

Step Three: Fill the bottle with water about half way to 2/3 full.

Step Four: Add one drop of food coloring to the water and mix it together.

Step Five: Add glitter. Approximately 1 teaspoon.

Step Six: Add Oil.

Step Seven: Screw the lid on and glue it with Hot Glue.

Step Eight: Take pictures and video of your creation and share it with Functional Rustic on Social Media.

Written by Sarah Palmer – Owner, Functional Rustic


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