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Finding Inspiration Day to Day – A Functional Rustic Approach

Originally Published March 6, 2018. Updated August 15, 2018.

I was created to create
I was created to create.

I’m a busy little bee this week. Having the blog has helped me to stay focused. With all the new tasks I am undertaking it is important to find time management. I’m disappointed that I did not publish a blog post yesterday – but I did write one.

When I start a post for My Repurposed Life it always starts off as a quick message or update. It seems to get away from me once I start to write though. I will be finishing up yesterdays post later this morning. There came a point in the day when my brain just stopped – so I did too.

Where I use to struggle to come up with ideas to write about or projects to build – lately I have too many. I want to do all the projects now. That’s not necessarily bad – but I can’t just build the way I used to.

Before I started writing DIY tutorials I just created whatever came to my mind. Now, I have to take pictures and think out how I will explain to others. It adds an extra layer to the repurposing process.

It is causing me to slow down my approach. This is good – and new for me. As much as I plan and think things through – the ‘art’ part of my work is very much on a whim. When I feel inspired I let the mood dictate what I do. This is great when I am feeling inspired but inspiration is not all day or every day.

On days when I have the inspiration I will write them down. Complete one of them but save the other ideas for tomorrow or next week. The idea is still inspiring and I will still be excited about it next weekend.

By slowing my approach I am not “chasing the high” of completing a project. I get a lot accomplished in a day but when I build something the feeling of completion and a job well done is more concrete. I can see, touch and experience the task I completed from conception.

By pacing my new creations over a couple of days I can “chase the high” longer. Ha. I am assured an empowering experience another day. Although it is satisfying to invent two things in a day – the stress of organizing my pictures, videos and thoughts on both projects at the same time is increased. Building something new to teach someone has a lot more steps involved in just creating a new pallet project.

I’m aware of my learning style and approach to projects. In college I was the person writing a 20 page research paper the night before. I had spent the semester thinking about what I wanted to write but didn’t start until just before the deadline.

It’s not so much that I needed the deadline – but rather if I am going to complete a project, in this case a 20 page research paper, I want to have all the information in front me from the start. I absorb all the information on that topic and while it is fresh on my mind and all together in front of me – then I write about it. Any research I read early in the semester on the topic is forgotten, or at least not used as a reference because it is not in front of me when I write.

Based on previous experience – if I don’t write about it soon after experiencing it than it wont get written. I have pictures from many builds I did over the summer with the intention of writing a tutorial. However – because now they are just pictures and the experience I had when they were created is now faded from memory – the inspiration to write about it is diminished.

Lesson of the day: Find activities that make you feel inspired and integrate them into your daily routine.

Written by Sarah Palmer – Owner, Functional Rustic

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