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Do Your Research Before Naming Your Business – Functional Rustic Approach

Originally Published March 7, 2018. Updated August 15, 2018.

Do your research. This is good advice for anything but especially when you are naming your business/blog.

Success occurs when opportunity meets preperation
Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.

I did not do my research when I started my blog and have spent the day deleting and editing all of my posts. I am paying my penance for not doing my homework.

The Functional Rustic Blog at was called My Repurposed Life – for about a week. Ha. It was a good week though. The blog is about repurposing negative thoughts into strategies for success and talking about projects I make from repurposing pallets. My Repurposed Life was a great name for that concept.

Once I had the name, My Repurposed Life Blog, and concept I started writing every day. I linked the blog across all my social media platforms. I made different pins for each of the blog entries and shared them like crazy. I even completed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the new blog. I was very proud of my efforts and what I had accomplished in just a week.

Beautiful girl you were made to do hard things...
Beautiful girl you were made to do hard things so believe in yourself. 

Wanting to see if all my efforts to promote it were working – I googled “My Repurposed Life.” Imagine my surprise when shows up at the top of the search. It even has the little trademark symbol (TM) next to it. Ugh. (Check it out. Great site. Very much like what I want to do.)

My heart sank. Prior to making that search I was feeling so proud, so productive, so capable. I set a lot of goals that week and achieved them. This google search was going to be the icing on the positivity cake. To continue the metaphor, seeing that trademark symbol was like someone throwing the cake on the floor.

Struggles are required in order to...
Struggles are required in order to survive in life, because in order to stand up, you have to know what falling down is like. 

I knew immediately I was going to be deleting and editing my content. I felt bad for essentially stealing her name and reached out to inform her of what happened. She was great about it. She simply confirmed it was trademarked and that others couldn’t use the name. I let her know I was editing everything to reflect my new found knowledge and we shared a laugh about how lucky I was to find it so early in my blogging.

I was fortunate that I found my mistake early and that she was as understanding as she was. Imagine if she found my page a year later and had to tell me to cease and desist.

I’ve lost an entire day to fixing this. Some of that time was spent doubting everything I have ever created – but most of it was locating and editing content. If it took me a day to re-do one weeks worth of posts imagine how long it would take to re-do a year’s worth.

Lesson of the Day: Do your research. Even if it is just a Google or Bing search, see if anyone else is using the name.

You cant go back and change the beginning
You cannot go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

UPDATE: The Functional Rustic blog continues to be a success. However, today I am in a similar position as I was when I had to change the name. I am switching blogging platforms from GoDaddy to WordPress and now need to update all of my links. Once again I am going through every blog, image and video I posted in the past year (over 2000) to update the links in order to reflect the platform change.

All of the links I have to GoDaddy are going to be non-existent in October when my contract with them expires. In preparation of allowing the website hosting to end, I am transferring and linking all of my content to WordPress.

Courage is going from failure to failure
Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. 

Fortunately, my experience with the My Repurposed Life/Functional Rustic Blog enables me to know exactly what I need to do now. Considering the amount of work involved in this process, I am grateful that when it came time to do this project I already knew how. Because of my “mistake” before I am not feeling overwhelmed (well, not AS overwhelmed) about the task that lies before me.

UPDATED Lesson of the day: I’ve done this before and I will do it again – better this time.

So far youve survived 100%....
So far, you’ve survived 100% of your worst days. This too shall pass.

Written by Sarah Palmer – Owner, Functional Rustic

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5 thoughts on “Do Your Research Before Naming Your Business – Functional Rustic Approach

  1. Sarah – seeing your first quote reminds me of something my boss always tells clients when preparing for some big event that they will be going through together: “Fortune favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur

  2. I can’t hear a phrase start “Fortune favors….” and not think of the Latin Proverb “Fortune favors the bold.” Though this Pasteur quote will be the new second one that comes to mind. Thank you for sharing Linda.

  3. I think I’ve heard that quote before as well Sarah. My boss is a labor attorney, and always tells people that if they prepare for the worst, sometimes they will be pleasantly surprised when things don’t go as badly as they expected, thus the quote about being well prepared.

  4. Labor attorney eh? At some point I will be hiring employees, is she someone I should talk to before I do that? As in, does she help business owners protect themselves, help workers protect themselves or both? I spent my college years working in an asbestosis litigation firm – know lots of attorneys but they are all highly specialized in tort reform not everyday legal needs.

  5. My attorney has been doing traditional labor law, management side, for decades. He was in the NLRB after he graduated from law school in 1972, worked there 7 years, then took a year off to travel by hiking/backpacking around the world, then he joined a firm and went into private practice. He worked there many years, but they disbanded, so around 1991, he went to Wise & Marsac as an of counsel attorney. I started there in 1993, but did not work for him until 2000, after my principal attorney left and Robb needed a secretary and I always got along with him.

    We went through a merger/acquisition in late 2000 and the acquiring firm, a large firm based in Richmond, VA, did not like the idea of his of counsel status and made him become a non-equity partner. He did so reluctantly. He was quite profitable for the Firm – he had 62 clients and those clients not only used his labor services but needed corporate and litigation services as well. They wanted to raise his rates a lot and he did not want to do that to his clients, who were very loyal, so we went out on our own. Took all our clients with us and we left amicably – they knew we left due to the merger and the rates issue. Then they were shuttered in December 2004 when the Virginia office said the Detroit office was not profitable enough. Robb does work for management primarily, but has taken on matters from employees who have hired him to review an employee agreement, non-compete agreement, etc.

    My boss is 71 years old … two years ago we were very slow and he was going to close up shop at the end of the year, but we got a large arbitration matter which would languish into the new year, and then we gradually started getting busier. Now we are going full throttle at the present time.

    Interestingly, I have worked on the asbestosis litigation as well. We represented Riley Stoker for years at Wise & Marsac, so you no doubt came across their name during the course of your time at that Firm. Almost everyone at Wise & Marsac worked on the Riley Stoker cases, and my reason was I worked for one of the paralegals who did charts (a lot of charts). Riley Stoker was a longstanding client of Wise & Marsac.

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