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3 Crafts to Do This Weekend – Tutorials from Functional Rustic

Do you know how to create something? Are you willing to teach others? Functional Rustic wants to share what you know. Write a DIY tutorial and have it published on Functional Rustic. Email Sarah at for details.

Looking for a fun and easy craft to do this weekend? Functional Rustic is here to help with 3 quick and easy crafts using items you probably already have at home!

Call me frugal, call me cheap – but when it comes to crafts and repurposing projects I don’t want to spend any money. One of the perks of DIY (Do It Yourself) projects is the cost savings associated with it. If you are anything like me than you will appreciate the 3 (practically FREE) craft tutorials Functional Rustic is presenting this week.

Repurposed Gift Card

The repurposed Amazon gift card is a personal favorite for me. It is simple to create but when shared it can have profound impacts. I repurpose my gift cards into thank you cards for strangers that do kind deeds. It is perfect because I can keep the “Thank You” card in my pocket and when someone is kind (holds a door open, compliments my dog etc.) I can immediately express my gratitude with an actual gift.

Imagine if you held the door open for someone and they said thank you and gave you a handmade Thank You gift. It might make you smile. Perhaps you would be inspired to hold the door open more often now that you know people actually appreciate it. And maybe, just maybe, you will be inclined to keep an eye out for kind people you meet just so you can give the Thank You Card to another kind soul.

Learn how I created the Personalized Gift Card Here.

T-Shirt Rope Toy

Our Furbabies deserve handmade gifts too! Valencia Merble the dog, our rescue dog, is what one might call a “power chewer”. That means that Val can completely destroy most dog toys in a matter of minutes. Wanting to spoil my dog but not wanting to break the bank doing so – I made my own toys for her.

This craft is fun because people of all ages can participate. As long as you can tie a knot and make a braid, you can make this toy. If you do not know how to tie a knot or braid – no problem! – the video tutorial explains it all.

Fun side note – the first time I published this tutorial I did not have a video – I simply advised the reader to braid the fabric. Well, in preparation for a craft show my mom came over to help me create some rope toys. I told her how to make it and she informed me that she did not know how to braid. This information blew my mind. How did I learn to braid if my mom didn’t know? I just assumed I learned it from her. Learning from my new found knowledge, I’ve added a video to further explain the process.

Learn how to make your own Rope Toy out of T-Shirts Here.

Sensory Bottle

sensory bottle title page

Oil and water don’t mix but add some food coloring and a little glitter and you’ve got your very own sensory bottle. Quick, easy and oh so satisfying are the descriptors for this jewel. The best part of this project is the possibilities are endless for to make them unique to you.

Not only is the sensory bottle fun to interact with, creating it can be an educational activity too. It is the perfect craft to demonstrate how liquids have different densities, how color disperses in liquid and how glitter falls at different rates depending on the viscosity of the liquids.

Learn how to make the Sensory Bottle Here.

Written by Sarah Palmer, Owner – Functional Rustic

Did you know Functional Rustic provides more than just tutorials? Find out what others already know by shopping in the Functional Rustic Store.

Below are just a few of the handcrafted items available.


Mini Chalk Board – Blue by Functional Rustic

The Mini Chalk Board by Functional Rustic is the fun and quirky handmade conversation piece you never knew you needed. The mini chalk board is made form repurposed pallet wood and hand painted with oil paint/chalkboard paint. Measurements: 19 in x 3.5 in x 5/8 in.



“Baby It’s Hot/Cold Outside” 2 sided Wooden Ornament

“Baby It’s Hot/Cold Outside” 2 sided Wooden Ornament by Functional Rustic is handcrafted from repurposed pallet wood and hand painted with oil paint. Twine is used to hang the ornament. Free Shipping.



3 Tier Wooden Tea Light Holder – Black

3 Tier Wooden Tea Light Holder from Functional Rustic adds a rustic elegance to any space. The 3 Tier Tea Light Candle Holder is made from repurposed pallet wood and hand painted. Free Shipping.


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