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Personalized Thank You Card Tutorial from Functional Rustic

Originally published March 2, 2018. Updated July 27, 2018.

The holiday season is over and you probably have gift cards your friends and family generously gifted you. The money may be spent but the card can still be useful. Instead of just throwing that empty gift card into the trash, take a few minutes to create a thoughtful, personalized gift for someone else.

Painted Thank You Gift Card
An Amazon Gift Card Repurposed into a Unique Thank You Card.

I chose to turn my gift card into a thank you card, but the possibilities are endless for what you can write/draw on it. I’ve recently started making a concerted effort to express gratitude for kind gestures and friendly people I encounter. I try to accomplish this by keeping some sort of handmade thank you token on me, like this repurposed gift card, to give to people that do good deeds.

Imagine how great it would feel if someone handed this to you for simply holding a door open or smiling at them. Great positive re-enforcement! You better believe the person receiving this is more likely to repeat the kind act after being so thoughtfully recognized.
Below you will find an easy to follow tutorial that will teach you how to DIY your own personalized gift.

Repurpose a Gift Card Tutorial

Step One:
Clean off any residue or dirt that may be on the card. I used dish soap to get what ever sticky substance had found its way onto my card. I think a sucker melted onto mine. Ha.

Amazon Card
The money has been spent and this gift card is ready to be repurposed.

Step Two:
Set up a work station that has a lot of ventilation. It was particularly windy this day and I  learned a very important DIY tip. With the card being so light, it’s important to make sure it is placed somewhere the wind won’t pick it up and fling it across the lawn.

(Ask me how I know, ha.)

Spray Pain and Gift Card
Prepping my area to paint the gift card.

Step Three:
Apply your first coat of paint. Notice that the logo still shows through? That’s ok. I freaked out when I saw how little it covered initially. It seemed like the paint was having trouble covering the smooth surface. Don’t worry — more paint does the trick.

Next time I do this project I will sand the front of the card a bit. Perhaps a more rough surface will allow the paint to adhere better. Darker paint wouldn’t hurt either.

One Coat Paint on Gift Card
One coat of paint does not seem to be enough coverage.

Step Four:
Apply your second coat of spray paint. This is said to be “no drip” paint. Well, that’s debatable. I sprayed a heavy coat and because the card was not completely flat I had dripping. NOTE: make sure to do this on a flat surface to minimize dripping.

Second Coat Paint on Gift Card
Second coat of paint looks good but more is needed.

Step Five:
Apply third coat of spray paint.
Ooooops…..the wind took the card for a ride across the lawn while the third coat was drying.

Third Coat Pain on Gift Card
Third coat of paint would have been sufficient if it hadn’t blown into the grass.

Step Six:
Apply fourth coat of spray paint.
NOTE: If your card looks great after one or two coats — you can stop adding coats of paint.

Painted Gift Card
Fourth coat of paint on the gift card.

Step Seven:
Use a paint marker to write whatever message you want. I imagine a permanent marker would work too — but I have a lot of paint markers so I use those.

Thank You Gift Card
I used a paint marker to write my personal thank you message.

Step Eight:
Flip the card over and repeat the painting steps on the back side of the card.


Only paint the front side of a gift card that has money on it as a way to personalize a cash gift.

Step Nine:
Take pictures of your creation and share it with other DIY enthusiasts on DIY Projects of Facebook.

Written by Sarah Palmer, Owner – Functional Rustic

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