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Functional Rustic Moving from GoDaddy to WordPress

Build Your Dreams with what Your have in Front of You.

I am new to the blogging world (ish). At the same time I was getting started with writing a blog the website host I use, GoDaddy, developed a Beta blog program. It was a no brainer to use the blog already featured on the site.

When I first started writing the GoDaddy blog program was more than sufficient for my needs. However, as my blogging and coding skills improve so must the features I want in a blogging platform.

To GoDaddy’s credit, they are constantly making changes that improve the overall blogging experience, but they just haven’t made the changes I need in the time frame I need them.

Mostly, GoDaddy Blog does not allow comments or the ability to embed videos. A large part of what Functional Rustic publishes is DIY tutorial videos. Having to send a blog reader to YouTube in order to experience the visual part of the tutorial is annoying. Also, I want people to come and stay on my website, sending them away defeats the point.

And not allowing comments? I’m trying to build a community of people that share my fondness for learning new things, hanging out with cute animals and seeing the beauty in life. Community is difficult when no one can interact with each other.

Needless to say, I am in the process of transferring my blog posts from GoDaddy to WordPress. Oh yeah, another annoying GoDaddy feature, they do not allow you to electronically transfer your content to a new webhost. For that reason, unless I renew my website hosting with them in October, all the content on is gone.

For that reason, I will be republishing all my previous blog posts from the original Functional Rustic Blog here to the WordPress blog.

New content will still be published regularly but you will be seeing quite a few posts from 2017. I’m looking forward to reading through them though. I shared the techniques for how I planned to build my business and am looking forward to re-reading what I started out doing to see what worked and what didn’t.

As I head off to transfer more content, please enjoy some videos I have EMBEDDED below. 🙂 Feel free to COMMENT on them too. Haha.

Written by Sarah Palmer, Owner – Functional Rustic

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6 thoughts on “Functional Rustic Moving from GoDaddy to WordPress

  1. So enjoyed watching the ducks—what does their tail wag communicate?, are they out stretching their necks at one another because they are angry or just passionate about something?

    And the DEER with your dog is precious!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!
    Good Luck!! So happy I found your blog!!!

  2. I also wanted to tell you I REBLOGGED the post

    People will love love love your story!!!

  3. I have no idea what exactly the ducks are saying to each other. Obviously I make up stories in my head about they are saying (what self-respecting animal lover doesn’t talk with their critters? Ha.). Best I can figure though, they are mostly territorial displays. Neck low to the ground is definitely at “get out of here” move. Goldie did it all the time when she was on her nest – kicked everyone out of the barn.

    The butt (tail) wiggles are for all talking. Amelia has different shakes she does for the ducklings versus the drakes (boy ducks). Also, the drakes have do some intense duck twerking right before they start to chase my little hens around for mating. I recommend Subscribing to the Functional Rustic YouTube page – weekly I upload every video I take from around the property that week – sunrise each morning, ducks in the barn/pond and of course the tutorials.

    I still look for Deer with a Collar, but mostly I get worried that soon he will be big enough for the hunters to take interest.

  4. THANK YOU! It was such a surreal experience and it makes me so happy that others have a chance to enjoy it now too. I also love the idea that Valencia Merble the Dog #valchog is well on her way to being an internet movie star. Ha. 🙂

  5. I love that too!!!😉

  6. […] that I have a  new blog platform on which to share my story I will share those videos here as well. I already upload all my videos […]

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