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Changing Chain Saw Chain Tutorial from Functional Rustic

At Functional Rustic, when the chain saw comes out that means my husband Dave is about to cut logs in preparation for heating our home with the wood all winter. It gets cold in Michigan so cutting and collecting all of that wood is no small task. Thankfully, Dave agreed to take some time out of his busy day teach me and you how he changes a chain saw blade.

saw chain tutorial title page 2.png
How to Change a Chain Saw Chain DIY Tutorial from Functional Rustic.

This week’s DIY Tutorial from Functional Rustic is a video staring my amazing husband Dave. Normally in a Functional Rustic DIY Tutorial I (Sarah) would write out all of the steps in the process to accompany the video tutorial. However, Dave did a phenomenal job teaching us how to change the chain saw chain in his video that I am choosing not to add a step by step tutorial to go with it.
Watch the video Here or at the link below to learn from Dave how to change the saw on a chain saw.
Changing a Chain Saw Chain Tutorial Video:

Instead of providing step by step instructions about changing the chain saw chain, I am going to take use the remainder of this DIY Tutorial to talk about all the work Dave does around Functional Rustic. (Functional Rustic is a business I run out of our home/barn).

The most beautiful way to start and end the day is with a grateful heart.

Doing it yourself does not have to mean doing it alone.
I am appreciative that Dave agreed to star in a tutorial for Functional Rustic and proud that he did such a great job – on his first try no less!! I am the only employee of Functional Rustic. I am solely responsible for every photo, video, website edit, tutorial etc. but as much as I complete all of these tasks on my own, I am able to do so more effectively because I have Dave behind the scenes providing support.
Dave is a Social Studies teacher during the school year and performs at local venues playing bass guitar with Motor City Acoustic Band. Check out their website to hear how they sound, see where they are playing next and how to book them for your venue or private event.

Motor City Acoustic Band. Picture from

First and foremost – I never would have thought to start my own business if Dave had never encouraged me. Dave saw what I was building and suggested the idea that people may want to buy what I build. He most definitely planted the seed for Functional Rustic.
Allowing/encouraging me to take over the entire barn and large portions of the house for my business – talk about a great husband. It would be completely reasonable for him to insist that work be done in only certain areas. He has learned I am happiest and complete my best work when I am able to spread everything out in front of me and see it all at the same time from different angles. #happywifehappylife

If you have the power to make someone happy please do it. You might be the one to make all the difference in their world.

Dave also provides more hands on work. He is a strong guy and if you think I am not going to use his muscles to my full advantage, you are sorely mistaken. With the exception of all the online parts associated with Functional Rustic, all the work involved is very laborious.

Dave and Gladys Woodworking
Dave and Gladys wood working in the barn.

Having a second set of hands to carry, build and destroy things with me is incredibly helpful. Many hands make for light work. Also, Dave taught me how to use most of the tools I have so obviously he knows what he is doing. He also works faster than I do. (I get distracted more easily by the ducks and turkey. Ha.)
Each time Functional Rustic has had an in-person sale – Dave was there. He missed one day of the craft show due to having a show for MCAB the same day. He made more money than I did that night so he was definitely where he needed to be!

Dave in the Functional Rustic Display at the Berkley Days Craft Show.

Loading the truck/jeep is not a quick task – even with two people. The shelves I build are made of pallets so they are large and durable – but they still need to be transported with care to protect the paint.
Carrying heavy items and putting them into the truck is one thing, but Dave is also learning, aptly I might add, how to support me when I’m freaking out about the show/sale. I’ve noticed that the more we load and unload the vehicles, the less stressful it all becomes.
In addition to lifting heavy things needed for Functional Rustic – he finds them too! He often comes home with a truck full of items I can repurpose.

Dave found wooden pallets for me to repurpose! We will probably use these for the floor of our wood shed.

I mentioned Dave the musician, but he is what I call Traditionally Artistic as well. He can draw! I’m admittedly jealous at how well he can write/paint whimsical letters. I’m proud when my hand writing is at least legible. Ha, we all have our strengths. Below is a picture of a sign he made for me – he hand drew the letters and then wood burned them onto a perfectly sanded piece of barn wood we salvaged.

Fairy Tale Trail
Fairy Tale Trail Woodburned Signed made for me by Dave.

Dave being naturally artistic enables him to provide helpful feedback on my creations and ideas for new projects. He is very talented and I want to hire him, but his substitute teaching is our only source of income now so probably better to keep him where he is. I will just appreciate him for the summer months.
The most important thing that Dave does for me, does for Functional Rustic, is believe in me.

“Believe” Pallet Sign by Functional Rustic.

He shows his belief by showing up. Literally – he is physically there. He doesn’t need to be. I always planned on being alone for shows anyway – his physical presence validates my optimism. This may be my show but he his by my side the whole way. Awwww.
Just recently Dave got to work on getting craft shows booked. I am especially pleased about this kind of help. I am going through some emotional growth changes right now. Positive growth is good but comes with growing pains. Needless to say this has been a high growth week for me. Ha. And Dave completing the necessary tasks of the business while I complete my emotional growing pains has been supportive on many levels.
First, craft fairs are how Functional Rustic sells the handmade rustic furniture and décor created. We are trying out to different venues but, craft fairs will be a primary money source.
Second, he was able to spend an afternoon finding out all the necessary information to get us signed up. (Stay Tuned to find out where to find us!) A task like that requires at least an afternoon and I struggled to make the time. I have actually compiled several of these lists in the past year but have long missed the deadlines to sign up. Dave providing the time and follow through is just what I need in order to focus on things like writing blogs and tutorials.
Third, Dave did the leg work without being asked. He saw it was on the Functional Rustic to-do list and he to-did it. It took me several months to get used to being a business owner/sole employee and to find a system that worked for me and the environment I wanted.

Don’t be afraid to start over. It’s a brand new opportunity to rebuild what you truly want.

Not long after I found my rhythm (about two weeks ago) for doing everything that needed to be done for the business by myself Dave was added to the process. As I stated – he is good at what he does, hard working and efficient but, a second person was not part of the system I just established.
It is taking me time to adjust to having a second person. I feel responsible for the growth of the business and trusting someone else to do what needs to be done has been a challenge.

Surround yourself with inspiring beings.

Thankfully for me, I have Dave by my side to face these challenges. We have come a long way together and each day we improve. Functional Rustic may be a business I am doing-myself but being open to the support of others enables me to actually do what I need to do for myself.

And so together they build a life they loved.

Remember, doing it yourself is great but sometimes in order to do it yourself you need a little support from a friend.

Written by: Sarah Palmer – Owner, Functional Rustic

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